Lip Pencil

Focus on your lips: by contouring them in the same shade, your lip pencil will make your lips fuller. A bit darker but in the same tones as the lipstick or gloss you're going to apply, it will shape blurry contours and give more definition to your mouth. 

  • DIOR Crayon Contour des Lèvres - Confort & Maquillage Longue Tenue
    from 19,53 €
  • CLARINS Crayon Lèvres
    Limited Edition
    from 16,73 €
       3 avis
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT Stylo Lèvres Multi-Usage
    from 20,93 €
       7 avis
  • LANCÔME Crayon Contour Lèvres Waterproof avec Pinceau
    from 18,13 €
       7 avis
  • Pupa Crayon Contour des Lèvres avec Pinceau Estompeur
    from 11,83 €
       15 avis
  • Pupa Crayons Rétractables pour les Yeux et les Lèvres Tenue Extrême
    from 11,83 €
       12 avis
  • GUERLAIN Mine Longue Tenue Haute Précision
    from 19,53 €
       14 avis
  • DIOR Crayon Contours Lèvres Universel
    from 19,53 €

If your lipstick looks too pale, use your pencil to countour your lips then fill in the inside of your lips in a uniform way. Then apply your lipstick that will take a different shade, maybe deeper.