Men's Perfume

Men's perfumes come in eaux de toilette and eaux de parfum made specifically for men, even for higher concentration products such as perfume extract. While woody, spicy and leathery fragrances are favorites with men after showering, the most active among them will choose citrusy and aromatic fragrances which give a feeling of freshness with their citrus scent and ozonic and agrestic notes.  

Men's Fragrances New Arrivals
Men's Legendary Fragrances
  • DIOR Eau de parfum
    from 56,49 €
  • HERMÈS Eau de Toilette
    from 51,68 €
  • GUERLAIN Eau de Parfum
    from 55,83 €
       149 avis
  • PACO RABANNE Eau de Toilette
    from 50,33 €
       219 avis
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Toilette
    from 35,69 €
       192 avis
  • GIORGIO ARMANI Eau de Toilette
    from 40,89 €
       108 avis
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT Eau de Toilette
    from 46,13 €
       105 avis
  • Caron Eau de Toilette
    from 48,03 €
       366 avis
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