Women's Perfume

Discover the art of wearing perfume as a woman. Like a wardrobe of fragrances, eaux de parfum, eaux de toilette, precious perfume extracts and classic colognes dress up a women's sillage. To indulge all their desires, they favor floral, oriental or gourmand fragrances, and citrusy and woody fragrances that can be shared between men and women are a close second. Let those scents take you away with detailled descriptions and the olfactory pyramide, and add to your daily perfume routine, depending on your mood, with soap and body wash for a gentle cleanse, lotion or cream for softer skin, or hair perfume to leave an unforgetable sillage in your wake.

Women's Perfumes New Arrivals
Women's Legendary Fragrances
  • GUERLAIN Eau de Parfum
    from 51,03 €
       167 avis
  • DIOR Eau de Parfum
    from 51,03 €
  • LANCÔME Eau de Parfum
    from 33,09 €
       434 avis
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT Eau de Parfum
    from 50,33 €
       210 avis
  • MUGLER Eau de Parfum
    from 52,43 €
       33 avis
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT Eau de Parfum
    from 50,33 €
       64 avis
  • Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum
    from 44,03 €
       132 avis
  • CLINIQUE Parfum
    from 31,12 €
       220 avis
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To choose your perfume, let go of any preconceptions you might have. There are no perfumes that have to be worn by blondes or brunettes exclusively, and wearing a winter perfume in summer doesn't have to be a faux pas.